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Monty :3

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So cute omg, i loved this <3 the true ending was adorable

A bittersweet ending. I enjoyed this little game <3

Alright thank you for letting me know, ill definitely try it out now.  

I tried playing an older version of this game but the spelling and grammar mistakes were a bit much heh. Some parts were hard to follow or seemed kinda unnatural. Should I try downloading this new version or is the writing still the same? I do wanna enjoy this game, it seems super lovely. 

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That sounds wonderful! I'd love to learn more about them. I hope to play more games from you and your team!  

I love this! The story was nice and I like the little choices throughout the conversations. The two charas were charming and I enjoyed how many choices there were in the beginning (I went back and saw all of the drinks). Everyone is lost in life and a lot of people can relate to the protagonist. Life is full of possibilities c: Thank for making this!

Ahhh that ending killed me gah, you harsh game makers ;u; I love how the emotions that go through Siggy are shown. Many people are haunted by their past failures. It takes time and love to heal such deep wounds. I wish Thistle luck! I can't wait for the full game <3

Enjoyed the writing and how the scenes were presented. Made me want to learn more about Aari and her planet(i think thats how u spell her name lol). Though I think the romanitc aspect was a bit rushed, I liked this <333

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Seeing Mochi vent her emotions out really shows how much she's gone through ;n; poor bby. Sometimes family is just not right...and it's hard to come to terms with that. I hope she can find peace with her lovers soon <3

The interactions between characters and coming to an understanding at the end, so sweet and great <3 I thoroughly enjoyed this game and the wholesomeness <3

I loved this very much <3 thank you for making this! The emotions, the writing, the creative art, and the twist at the end...though I feel like it seems a bit convenient that Marisol never knew what Alex had heh. Very good nonetheless <3

That really is wild! :o Im proud of you all <3  I look forward to more <33

Ah alright, thank you <3 It was my pleasure c:

The ending was something...I love the jokes and the characters <3 beautiful pixel art as well c:

I loved the cultural aspects and how parents are portrayed <3 i loved the quirky characters and aaa its charming and lovable <3 wonderful game c:

The ending was amazing, each day came more harder to get through. I was blown away and heart broken for the poor wife. Thank you guys for this <3

Just wondering, if I changed my respones to the husband, would it still come to the same ending? It's alright if it does, I just want to play this completely through <3

This game was charming, bittersweet, lovable, and heartwarming <3 I loved all the endings and all the different choices. The events were clever and I could see how much work was put into this game (I can't imagine working on it alone omg). Thank you guys for this <3

The ambiguous ending and the atmosphere was brilliant. Loved this <3  and the work put into this game made it beautiful and artistic <3

I really enjoyed this game <3 i loved the different endings and the wholesome true ending <3 The small animations and all the logs, so unique <3 I look forward to more VNs! 

This was an amazing game, thank you for this experience <3 I'm definitely going to try the other games you guys made. Brilliant story telling and dialogue <3

Nice! I'll check it out! Thank you for letting me know!

Ah okay, thanks for letting me know! I'll definetly try out the game once it's published :3 Best of luck to you guys!

When will the whole game come out? I'm very interested :)