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Madison Rose

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This is very cute! Pretty challenging, but after a while I got into a good rhythm.

Being written in the position of power, it was rough to choose to gatekeep to see what else the story had to offer. A somber experience, but a good one.

I really enjoyed the story. Initially I named myself Rose, which was kinda confusing, haha. Really nice music as well!!

That's interesting. I'm not sure what the problem is! haven't been able to replicate it. I did look in to it though.

From what I can tell, this might be a thing about cookies. Check that they are enabled, or that this page as an exception, or try a different browser.

I'm no web developer. If this doesn't help, or it's still occurring, tell me more about your browser and OS. I'm going to enable a download of the html file itself, which might also help.