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This was an interesting demo! Loved the way the sprites moved, and that all the characters were voiced. The tea mini-game was a nice touch. Will we be able to interact with / befriend Manhin and Shanin in the main game? Curious to see more!

Could not put this game down! Loved the idea of using a Discord-esque interface, and the whole cast of characters gave a lot of life to the server. The voice acting was a nice surprise and main theme song is super catchy. Enjoyed NakedToaster's route the most, with Quest as a close second. Thanks for making and sharing this!

Really enjoyed this game! Very interesting story, and a particularly striking UI. Both guys were great, but I enjoyed Alto the most - he flustered endearingly. Thank you for creating and sharing this!

Loved the demo! Rheala is my favourite so far but definitely interested to find out more about the full cast. Really love the range of personality options and it'll be interested to see how those affect the gameplay. Any plans to allow keyboard controls for dialogue choices, and for the Enter key to advance the screen between days? At the moment these elements require a mouse click. A small detail though. Very excited for the Kickstarter next week!

Played this demo today and it is super stylish and captivating! Really enjoying Nova's range of dialogue options, and particularly intrigued by Alasdair. Agree with a previous commenter about the font - it's lovely, but slightly hard to read. Best of luck with the development of this game. I'm beyond eager for more!

This was really enjoyable! Love that MC Fianna is confident, capable, and likes to tease, and how adorably blushy and sweet Leon is. This sort of MC/LI dynamic is just what I like - and not one that's seen overly often. Thanks for making and sharing this!

This was cute. :) I enjoyed Kiana's route, especially the eco-friendly elements, and her CG was very pretty.

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This game is great! I had a wonderful time playing it. Thank you so much for creating it and making it available. The whole cast was really enjoyable in their scenes together, and I particularly enjoyed Braums and Rafael.