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Thanks for stopping by! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for stopping by! We're glad you liked it! :)

Absolutely wonderful aesthetic. Sad that it was so short; I'd love to see this expanded upon.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Is this compatible with GMS2?

Not sure why someone rated this one 1-star. It's a great entry to the jam. I hope you're able to do more with this idea in the future. Love the intro.

You should be able to simply click the exe file. What OS are you using?

I love the concept with this one. The bold art style paired with the unconventional approach to story-telling is a great pairing, even if it feels like the combat is mostly a suggestion.

I like how you took the Doom engine and made a Bully-esque game. The sense of scale you created with the high walls and lockers really does make me feel like I'm a little kid again, though I never had to deal with a red-eyed, whacked-out principal. 

I love the soundtrack and environment design!

Pet doggo, receive happy. :^)

.RAR files need to be unpacked with a program like WinRAR. From there, simply click the shortcut labeled 'LostNostalgia'.

The visual direction of this game is absolutely top-notch! I can't get past the first area (maybe I'm just bad), but I'd love to see this get fleshed out into a full game.

I'd love to see this with network functionality so I can NERF my friends in the face with that shotgun. Great concept!

Your style here is impeccable! Gives me strong feelings of Kid Icarus and N64-era games.

I really like the idea of a painting-based FPS, and the weapons you've designed for this are really neat!

Cool concept! This could definitely be expanded further

Congrats to the top 5! There was a lot of top notch content in this jam.  We'll definitely get there next time!

This is an absolute home run

Greetings peasants, what's this game you're play--

This is a serious contender for my favorite game of the whole jam. Love the atmosphere and art style. Weapons feel punchy and satisfying. This is an awesome take on the crusader theme.

...Well, that was super weird. A+

Super spooky! I like what you've done with the engine. I'm not really sure how you got certain 'cinematic elements' to work, but you pulled it off really well.

As a side note, the control scheme feels pretty wonky to me. It doesn't make sense to have mouse look enabled but not allow WASD movement. I feel like you should pick one or the other, because this hybrid scheme feels weird.

This is one of the most unique takes in this game jam, and I think it really pays off! We need more mech-based FPS!

I really love the vibe this one has! It gives off a real "Die Hard" energy. I just wish you were a little more generous with health packs. ^^;

Glad you enjoyed it!