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that is so awesome :D <3

Looks so cute <3 gonna play it as soon as i can!!! <3

haha, im glad u had fun  : D

ooohh, u really found the wings :O hahah that is awesome! 
How did u manage to get to the wings with such lag, it's impressive!
Golden star for u 

Thank u for playing our game : )
I personally appreciate that u like the visuals for the health, since Ui/Ux is the most fun part for me.

I'll will talk to the team, they will probably be happy to join Game Development World Championship. Tnx for the tip : )

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Thank you for playing our game!   : D
ghaaa, it's so frustrating, you almost found an hat!
you where like one meter from it haha 

I really liked your gameplay video ,
We are atm editing some of the flaws u mentioned in the video, its super helpful thank u! < 3

Who knows what happened with the baby dragon :O
Think of it as a demo, Maaayyybbeee u will know next lvl

tnx again


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We just upploaded a new build that is more optimized :)

Hi, Glad you like it! We're currently trying to optimize it, We'll try to get a new Update later today <3

press enter or c

thank you for going 2 such lenght 2 try our game <3 Appriciate it alot :D

Did u make it work now??  Was it the antivirus?? :)