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This game has a good story and great art. 10/10

This was a pretty interesting game. I wasn't able to find the two other endings. 

Can't wait for the full game!

I'm glad that you made a sequel to While Silly Space. I think that this game really expands on the story more and especially gives us more details on who Mer actually is. I really enjoyed it. 

nice game

This was another great game. I really liked how much lore and story was put into this one especially knowing about the strawberry witches' background. This was super fun to play.

I really enjoyed this. I can't wait for part 2!

NIe game. I wish could have had branching dialogues and more endings.

So far this game is great.

Wither is really freaky. I do love the way you used poetry in the game. 

In one part of the game it sounded like there was a loud horn or whirring sound but it didn't bother me that much.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the full game will turn out.

Can't wait for the full game.

This was another great game. That true ending caught me off guard.

Now I see how it all started.

That ending was really unexpected.

This was a great narrative story.

This game was fun!

I adore this game. It was really simple and the ending surprised me.

Great game. I really liked the whole concept behind it. 

This was a nice game. I really hope that you continue the series one day. 

I wasn't expecting the game to take a turn like that. I enjoyed the game though.

This game was beautifully written.

I really liked this game and it really did freak me out.

I just wanted to know what really was in the basement.

This agme really shows the grief a lot people can go through when they lose a child. Great game.

I liked this. I hope to see more games like this.


This was pretty weird but in a good way.

I really loved this demo! 

Really loved this game and the endings. 

This was fun to play!

This was great. I hope to see chapter 2 come out.

Another great game! I think that the most important message out of this this game is that people really need to talk out their problems more. 

That was a pretty weird dream.

I was surprised to see john Doe there. Now I can see how it all started.

This was super fun to play! That ending with Rumble was actually really scary. I hope that you create more games in the future.

I wasn't really expecting that twist.

This was a pretty funny game.

This was such a beautiful story, and it was very heartwarming in way. I really enjoyed it 10/10.