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Moonlit Works

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Our small team is expanding and has a few positions to fill, both for a specific project as well as in our core team. We have developed and published some VNs in the past and currently working on a new title, but we're trying to branch out to RPGs for our next project or possibly soon. As such, we need to add new talents to the team. Compensations are negotiable and depends on the skills you bring to the table. The upcoming RPG project will be an anime fantasy-styled side-scroller game. Also we bully whoever joins the team by calling them an alien and will feed them pet food.

CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who reached out! We've filled the roles we needed for now, but if you have a skillset you want to contribute to the team, don't hesitate to discuss it with us! Send a message to Eyzi#3994 on Discord, or feel free to join our Discord server.


Hi. Do you have samples of your works? Also, a contact (Email, Twitter, or Discord) would be great.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.  I'd love to make more sequel, but we'll see if there's enough interest for it and if budget allows.

Thanks! About a month or two, on and off.


You can search up ren'py. That's what I use.

It's just a visual novel. And yes, I created this one.

Hey. Thanks. Yes, I did. Sadly I composed it throught fruityloops so i have no music sheet for it.

Yeah, I did all the art. The backgrounds weren't really as good as I wanted them to be because, I'll admit, those were rushed. Thanks for reading it!