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Take your time. Gamedev is hard. :)

How did you do it tho?


Good. I just noticed that some sprites are levitating.

You could try to make them spawn a little bit lower or remove some white space from the sprite.

Use piskel for better sprites.

Couldnt play it.

So basicly the chrome dino game?


Just disqualify me xD.

I don't have time to fix this. I am working on another game.

The lack of an escape button really destroys the gameplay.

There are some bugs. But its a prototype. So 8/10.

So you really couldnt get past the tutorial. Lol.

But yeah.

My new runner game is now released.

Its only a prototype with 2 levels.

I am beginning full development later this week.

New cpu mhz thing plzzzzzz

please add more hardware and more research! I love this game :)