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so encrypting the password is to protect from hackers the unencrypted password is to log in  decrypting the password give you the password for the website 2 passwords one to encrypt and decrypt and the other one is the website password so don't mix them up

also, there is already a website called its is online since 1998 so it cannot be registered is fine ok I have discord so yea you can message me there μmoongazer07#1200

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sure if you can make the domain .co if you can if not then  .com is ok and pls encrypt the info here  then send the password via email and put the encrypted info in a reply no one can decrypt without a password unless it a weak one and choose a secure password because a weak password  will get cracked

hey could I get a website pls 

in return, you can download my game right now because it's on sale for 100% off just claim it, and it's open-source because it has source code published and it's in the artistic license 2.0 still open source


you can use the source code under artistic licence 2.0

(1 edit) PayPal this email

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hi where is my share of the prize since everyone won id prefer paypal

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they are compressed into a zip file to save space just unzip files to an empty folder then play the sounds