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Honestly the only real complaint I have is the audio. Nothing is really synced the right way so you never really know whats going on.

The game is gorgeous and scary as hell!

Wish it was longer.

Let's check out vesion 1.3 shall we...

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Not at all what I was expecting.

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Funny...Real Funny :(

Game isn't that bad. I agree with Slester that it needs more action and better jump scares.

Really liked the demo. It was really short but looked great. 

After playing this demo I am definitely picking up the full game.

I really liked the concept of the game wish there was more.

Honestly this is a great looking game too bad it's dumb and short.

Awesome demo  played super late last night in the pitch black. Didn't solve anything but I am definitely going to play again!

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Way to short and anticlimactic.

same thing happened to me after i left the laptop and touched the light switch.

Soooo many keys!!!