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The game is gorgeous and scary as hell!

Wish it was longer.

Let's check out vesion 1.3 shall we...

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Not at all what I was expecting.

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Funny...Real Funny :(

Game isn't that bad. I agree with Slester that it needs more action and better jump scares.

Really liked the demo. It was really short but looked great. 

After playing this demo I am definitely picking up the full game.

I really liked the concept of the game wish there was more.

Honestly this is a great looking game too bad it's dumb and short.

Awesome demo  played super late last night in the pitch black. Didn't solve anything but I am definitely going to play again!

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Way to short and anticlimactic.

same thing happened to me after i left the laptop and touched the light switch.

Soooo many keys!!!