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that new clientyou all added was installed after uninstalling the old one and it fixed the problem. thanks.

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happened again and same thing. seems happen within one of your patch files in patch 144 or 145 not sure because it closed out too fast and I seen one of those 2. However, this time the encrypted file was it said.

From Bitdefender Total Security :
The process E:\itch\gameslibrary\darkstork-onlinee\DarkStorySetup.exe manifests ransomware behavior and was blocked. Several files were encrypted by it and we couldn't automatically restored all of them. You can find the files to be restored below.

The file(s) that were encrypted by the installer:

iconcache_16.db from AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer directory

the file that was encrypted is thumbnail cache for 16x16 sized icons if I am understanding my results correctly.

Since the free DLC was unfairly banned without any warning, and the fact you all are waiting for response for getting it unbanned since it was unfair since what they did was not what they stated they would do before something gets banned, what about version? Will the version be getting the free DLC or is it already included or what? I am asking because I am debating on not getting it through steam if it was banned but is released on your version. Could you answer this?