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Moon Cancer

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Why does this one and allegiance follow the non-canon route tho? The true end to reborn is just ignored in favor of the author's preferred plot, why? Don't VNs usually follow the storyline of the golden ending?

I'm stuck under the church in the beginning with Kuro cuz he won't move and I can't ascent the left stairwell can only descend had to start over any tips?

Well I actually noticed just recently that the king has blue eyes. But shit Serrani mentions a father and I'm getting the suspicion that the protagonist might be a bastard. Sir Garth had blonde hair and green eyes. And seemed to have ahem... *feelings* for the Queen in the prologue. It would definitely explain why the king might send assassins after the protags family. When Serrani kills the king she says something about him ruining her family.

I'm still womdering what the relationship between the protagonist and the so called "princess" is. I mean I originally theorized the protagonist is the king's daughter raised as a commoner as the prophecy dictated. I mean the girl with half white half black hair looks nothing like either parent. And if she is indeed the TRUE vessel for the demon like the prophecy spoke of, why did the king completely disregard the oracle's words? And where is the knight/old friend of the king that was supposed to be raising the king's child in secret? I really hope Acts 3 and 4 explain this becuz I currently can't make sense of it. Not to mention this game stands to be awfully short if the first two Acts were any indication. I have high hopes indeed for this game, but I just can't decipher the storyline with the limited info I have on hand. And I'm normally really good at that.