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Seriously can't wait to get my hands on this!!

Hope everything is ok on your end and will wait for this game however long it takes!! It's currently one of my favorite ever wips ❤❤

I really really love this, can't wait for the full game!

Will there be an android release of the full game?

I can't wait to play this game. You do amazing work and i really appreciate the talent involved in making these games!

I'll pray for you and your wife, please take all the time you need for your family to mourn  and deal with the loss.

Hello, was wondering where i can see updates about the release? I checked the website but didn't see anything!

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Hi, this looks amazing!! The game is great and the artwork is  gorgeous ❤

Please don't think i'm being rude but i wanted to know how far along the patreon version is, i wanted to support you and play  a bit more but since i have limited extra money i just wanted to know if i should do it this month or maybe wait a couple more. I really like this so far and can't wait to buy the completed game! 

I don't have words to describe how much i love this game already! 😭❤😍

Thank you so much for replying and sorry for the bother! I really love this game and can't wait for the rest

This is such a great game!! I have a question though, on patreon which tier do i need to pay for to access the game's progress and updated demo? It wasn't obvious to me by checking the patreon tiers

Thqnks for the quick reply!! I really enjoyed the game and was really dissapointed when i couldn't find anywhere to follow you om other than here. ❤

Is this abandoned? The tumblr and twitter accounts don't exist.

Hi, is this the full game?


Been waiting for this!! Playing it today. Congrats on the release!!!