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I have added Animation with all sprite animations and sprite sheets. Please note that sprite sheets use original sprite sizes, if you plan to build your game for mobile I recommend using half/quarter sizes, sorry for the inconvenience :) 

Hi there, thank you! They should be available in both options, probably I forgot to take them out from Unity Project, give me a moment I will upload sprite sheets.

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Thanks for the purchase!

All of the upgrades for our packages are free, we don't plan to change this in near future :)

Hi there, unfortunately, we don't have snowy options for these islands. Currently we are working on the new buildings for this pack (blacksmith, mage tower, etc.)

but the decoration size is different

tiles of earth is 512x512

Hey sorry for some reason all files except animated were hidden, now should be correct. Also, added animated nature icons. Currently working on new icons and other animations, will add them soon.

Thanks for the feedback and have a nice start of the week!

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Thanks mate, same to you, stay safe and healthy and of course have fun) update is now live you can find files in this archive

Things are ready will add them in the next fed days :)

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Hey Mate, thanks for purchase, working on it, should go live in this month

hmm I think it won't be a problem, he's working on a new asset pack now but hearts should not take much time.

Hey! Sure you can use this asset to create a game like the binding of Isaac :) If you will put a credit that art was created by Moon Tribe studio we will be very pleased!

Thanks and good luck with your project

Hey, yes you can but please add to description that if someone plan to use your project commercially they should purchase art assets, thanks!

it is CC0 but if you can put attribution anywhere in your project it would be great and we will be very thankful ^^