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damn this is cool.  (i cant think of anything to say but i want to show that im invested in this somehow lol)

hear me out, just copy the UI from Human Resource Machine  by tomorrow corporation (I love human resource machine and tomorrow corporation)

aint no way

oh hey new mount game

they need more space to frolic

I think you just cant read

okay so due to the fact that you think liking women = wanting to be dominated by a women, then since you hate women and think men are superior, then that means you like men more. You like men= you are a simp for men and want to be dominated by a superior male. You are clearly a very homosexual femboy then. sorry you had to find out this way.

if liking women makes me a simp, and you arent a simp, then that makes you gay. nothing wrong with that, I just feel like you might be offended 

women are hot. Your point being?

no but really, i really like yall's games. Disregard the final statement in my first comment and keep it up! These games have more soul than 90% of the other games i play.

ever since i played just more doors ive been addicted to your games. i need professional help.  stop making extremely good games AAAAAAAAA

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HoT DAMN THAT WAS GOOD! Although the only resolution i had was one screen, it still felt like enough. genuinely great game. 15/10 will be telling friends about nonstop

some downloads dont work on the Itch app unfortunately. you'll need to download it from the site.

my dad keeps telling me to play this game with him, so you can tell he loves it! (i never have so im basically leaving this comment on his behalf)

>be me
>Download this game
>completely forget it's a horror game
>entertainment ensues

interesting demo! might buy the full version if theres some new features in it.

lol imagine arguing over funny sand physicsified game about making lines with blocks

i saw the jump button and just thought "... you cheeky mother fucker you"
great game 10/10 will not complete today

greatest game ive ever played im totally not being payed to say this. please download  i havent seen my family in days