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i wanted to download it but...

first it told me to switch the store to which i did

but then it told me that it is not available 

i am really sad ,.,

Ah......about that.........we don't have those in my country XD don't worry i'll go and annoy my brother for one (he works in a bank) lol . Wish wish m luck

Woah! this game looks fun!
i'll download it for sure! i hope you don't mind me playing it on my youtube channel.
Oh and i have a question, the final version..will it be pay to play?

it is okay, if i made a credit card i'll be sure to buy this game, thank you for replying and good luck!

i am waiting for my new laptop, i am really exited to play this game!! i can't even wait for my laptop>//<

however i have a question , the full game... will it be free? i don't have a credit card so i can't buy it ,., , i don't want to play it,  get attached and not play the final version