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El puñetazo estaba pensado para romper objetos, pero al final no me dio tiempo a incluirlos. Muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo para jugarlo, a pesar de la dificultad inicial con los pinchos.

Thank you I just watched it! It's amazing that you took the time to play every one of this :)

Great visuals, and I liked the initial backstory. Nice job!

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I've been working it out. It was, as always turns to be, a little stupid mistake in the code. It should work now in the last version (v1.3.5).
Thank you very much, I wouldn't have noticed it without you pointing to it.

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I can't replicate the error, but it's related with the language manager. What is the language of your OS? Maybe the game is not recognizing it

Ok, I'll check that out, thank you!

So no poll then? just picking up one from these four themes