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monty baker

A member registered Mar 03, 2022

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so basically, you have to get off the catapult and land it on the starting pad kinda like how a rocket launches off facing straight upwards. and then just tap the left right keys that rotate it to give the rocket wobble, you can kinda spam the wobble and it’ll give you 10 points each wobble and it doesn’t waste any fuel. Then once you reach 125,000 points then land the rocket on the gold pad which times it by 8 and gives you +8000 points so you should reach a couple thousand over 1 million points. 

The whole process took about 3 hours of non stop tapping, but super annoying how it didn’t count my points. Had heaps of friends to witness it so it’s more of a congratulations to myself rather then showing the whole world but hopefully will try it again and beg that it keeps my score. 

I managed to get 1.12 million points through a very time-consuming but relieving method. the second i went to play again, the points i got didnt save to my best score. is there a score limit to over 1 million points or summin??