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i was just about to ask the same thing :O

heeeey I've been following this game for a lot of time and its awesome the amount of things added in this version, it is really and it breaks my heart every time I have to disband a unit (i kinda miss the great scale of the previuos versiun though, and the epic of fighting a battle you know you can't win). 

dude this game will rock

Ooh, that's pretty kind from you :)

Ans don't worry, it's a great game anyway

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I recommend creating homebrew rules to complete it, if you wanna buy it anyway.

It's pretty cool :D. I was just a bit boomed it's only 8 pages :1

also I played on mac and I didn't encounter any bugs so thank you for that

The game is ULTRA MEGA GREAAt. I love the abilities, different puzzles, secrets, the design and the npc dialogues.

The only thing is I got a little stuck with keyboard controls (especially with the tongue and dash) and I got a little stuck with the red beetles as well, but that could pretty much be just me. 

Otherwise I think the game is very fun and clever and I loved it :D

ok, thxx :)

heeey will you print any more copies any time soon?

cuz if you won't, I'll buy the digital, but it'd be raad

heii i boughtthe pdf and its supah dupah :D

Is there any way to buy a print version of this??