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No problem! I see you're an Amplitude programmer - massive respect, you guys making amazing games. Also you owe me like two weeks of my life for Dungeon of the Endless :P

The usability thing is basically: whenever I click on a bot to see/change its behaviour, I either want to click the flowchart to edit it (ie, jump to the blueprint), or I want to hover over the nodes to check their details (because I haven't learned all the icons yet, although most of them are fairly intuitive).

I've just realised that actually, you've trained me with this expectation. On the AI List screen, I can click on a flow chart to edit an AI. But on the Select Bot AI screen, I can't - I have to click the edit button. The inconsistency is confusing an unnecessary.

That edit button, in the bottom-right corner (the one that lets me edit an AI), is also a bit confusing and introduces some low-level confusion. Firstly, depending on whether I have a bot selected, it will take me to one of two different places: the AI list screen or the blueprint-edit screen. I often find myself a little surprised and disorientated because of this (now that I've fully articulated the behaviour, the problem might go away for my personal experience).

I have a couple of other little niggles, but they all go away if you drop that bottom-right edit button. Let me edit a behaviour by clicking on a bot on the Setup screen (and then clicking on the flow chart in the Select Bot AI Screen), I think you create a cleaner, simpler, more predictable interface.

If that's still not clear I'l maybe drop you an email with some screenshots. And ad 24-page Powerpoint presentation :P

You've done a good job there. I think the text will need a little bit of tweaking (you don't need to explain the difference between inner nodes and leaf nodes, for example), but the general structure and the animations are spot-on. And the edits can wait until a beta at least :P

First off, love it! I had similar idea for a game once, so the concept leapt right out at me. I think you've done a really good job here.

Bit stuck on Neighbours Fight but I'm sure I'll crack it.

There is a typo in the tutorial: on the "Score" page, the word "expected" is written as "excepted".

Minor usability improvement (I know its early for this sort of thing but worth mentioning): add interactivity to the flow chart on the "select a bot AI" screen. Hovering over it should give me the tooltip, clicking it should open the edit screen. I don't think the existing "edit" button, in the bottom-right, should be there at all.

It would also be nice if each bot has its behaviour name listed above its head when in planning (and maybe pause) mode. Just makes it easier for me to get the "big picture".

Created a new topic [Feedback] Alpha 3 Feedback

Thread for Alpha 3 feedback (since there isn't one open already)

Just played Alpha 3 for the first time, and I thought this was a wonderful explanation of the decision tree. Very clear and elegant, I was instantly impressed