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when I export my image, the image has a cutoff, how to fix that?

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no dithering options? :( I like diagonal. I'm sad about the missing dithering options. The hexagon/radial pixelate halftone and triangles are also gone :( so many great things removed.

seems broken, arrow does not travel far

It makes me angry that people forget about magic survival, the game, vampire survivors is based on.

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Big bug. Second last level, clicked on the statue and nothing happened, clicked on reset and couldn't kill anyone, had to restart the game. Log file

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No, that wasn't the same response at all. The context is entirely different. 

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what kinda childish response is this? Some people have dyslexia, some people have concentration/focus issue and can't focus on much text for too long/ miss important keywords. A textbox is simply not a good way to do tutorials, I did it a lot, never worked well. 

And maybe you should read more than just one phrase. :) 

I would like to test but I cannot teleport, holding Y does not charge up but I keep teleporting short distances in a loop, therefore cannot progress in level 2. (Browser)

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yea, I know, there are lefties acting like righties but I don't, quite a shame, difficult to play since you can't assign numlock keys. Gamepad support would be great too.

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unrelated question but which font did you use? :D i'm in love with this font, looks like perfect DOS vga

This game has some texture issues and the attack button does not work

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Nice game :) , enemies still trying to shoot me even though there is a wall between us...  a simple raycast check would solve this. Also I can't leave the buy menu at the bat on the left side with my controller or esc. I played the web version, gonna try the desktop one. Else a little nitpick the missing walking animation if you shoot or block and go forwards and the shoot animation  (bow) even though you don't have arrows... which would be easy solved by checking if arrow is more than 0, play anim.


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I run around like a headless chicken without weapons, not knowing that I had to punch the creates. I know, there is a dialogue box at the beginning but people often skip tutorial text. My suggestion, lock the first exit, make a floating text above the first chest with a simple "Space" or "press Space" text and unlock the door once the player gets his first weapon.

Can't even beat the first enemy ^^

Nice idea but geesh, way too complicated, a wall for building a pickaxe? really? And the crafting book is not well made. I have no clue what to search for. Crafting in general is not intuitive.