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Aseprite can do most of the heavy lifting through its lua scripting. I would probly just export the PNGs as a series, then call the rife cmd on them, then read the resulting series back in as a new file.

Noting too fancy at first. Whatever pixel art settings work best would be nice to have, but I can make a little gui for those later.

Or, if it’s easier for you, I’d probly also settle for just making a “Export gif through rife x4” button, just as a trial run.

I’d like to write a plugin for Aseprite. Would need the cmdlet side. Is that exposed and documented somewhere?

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Ok ok, last one for the day. This one is a little concept animation (hence it not being quite cleaned up.) It’ll be fun to see it once I finally finish/clean up the original file.

It’s interesting to see it interpolated, as it highlights the fact that the foot tracking is a touch off in the original. May help to catch sketch-phase issues!

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Here’s another one that is almost more of a stress-test.

The original is fake-pixelated (to accommodate the starfield text at the end.) It has a lot of flashing and 2 fade transitions. Overall pretty good. The fade is a bit odd, but if I really wanted I could Rife the two scenes separately. I’m sure I could also tweak the settings a bit more.

Just tried it on my “aerobic dance” animation. That’s so smooth!

Keep up the good work! As an animator, the future looks bright for having to do half as much tweening. Can’t wait for the day where this is a plugin for Aseprite or something.

If anyone else has fun result to share, please do!

The selections in Aseprite can be sparse, though (with ctrl-click.) You could probably just find the first and last selected frame and then just iterator over all in that span. For cells, you could then only move them if that cell was selected maybe? I realize now that this could get complex fast because of how flexible selection is in Ase...

I think app.range has all the current selection info.

It would be nice to be able to select frames and then tween just those.
I like to work on one animation at a time. Tweening everything doesn't really fit my workflow.

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For posterity: The tweening script is just for positions (as the main page says.) It clones the pre-frame and then moves it to a spot in-between the positions of the pre-frame and post-frame. You will have to do the rest. If your frames are all kinda in the same position, then you will not see any effect of the tweening.

Nice! I always avoided using by tablet in ase. You should add pen tablet type tags to this page, if you haven't.

Haha, I love it