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If you double the resolution each tile becomes 24x24 or 3x3 chars ( sprite size ish ) it's big but looks cool :)

shared here as an example.

this is useless for video game development. the image is gorgeous but the animation is a mess of AI generated movement and blurred pixels.  

it's 2 bit. and looks very inspired by 

This is so adorable. lovely little vibe.

Suggestion. add an option to remove spaces from the filenames of "export all" I prefer to use makefiles, unfortunately spaces in filenames breaks things, so I have to rename them first.  

Fantastic ! thankyou 

Still reporting a virus. can you try without compression ? I have this issue with UPX myself sometimes. 

Cheers !

That's between me and them. They may not remember how they acted towards me, but I do.

Wow thanks!

I'll look into it.

thanks a bunch !

thanks !

yes you found a secret .... or a bug .... probably a secret :P 

Really nice , love the art. 

Love the art. really fun vibe.

Love the art. really fun vibe.

Thanks, I started way too late on it :) maybe I'll come back to it after the voting has finished.

totally valid feedback, I did consider burning more , ran out of time. ;( 

These are great ... I've been wanting to do something on the ZX spectrum for a while . maybe something along these lines :) 

Thanks for organizing this ! lots of good stuff to enjoy here :)