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can't get past the third level it's hitscanner hell



gaggleland massacre

idk why but this game is surprisingly addicting due to it's simplicity wish it had more levels though

how can the graphics so simple yet so visually appealing

damn Elden Ring 3 definitely GOTY fr

idk why but I had such a hard time running the game for some reason. Clicking play sometimes crashes the game after choosing a different screen resolution. I only made it at the first arena btw but somehow I got softlocked since there's a barrier between me and the enemy outside. Tutorials telling me the key to teleport "Q" but I spammed it and nothing happens. I want to play this so bad but sadly I just eventually gave up. Idk how can I rate this but I expect a pretty nice gameplay heavy game. Not really a fan of the movement controls, it's a bit of a jank, there's a bit of collision issues, the wall jumping, but the gunplay and combat is definitely fun...

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sorry if the story's a bit rushed but to put it simply it's just Sanae's on her quest to save her beloved precious lesby, Reimu from getting abducted by the forces of Makai including other important characters like Suwako, Yukari, etc. Till she's had enough of it she went on rampaging through Makai Doom Slayer style. Just a goofy lil story I had thought lol.

I'm also planning to have full-blown levels and new bosses in the future. Also thnx for playing, glad you're having a great time.