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No problem, I hope it helps you ;)

Looks great, but there is a bug that can be fixed easily. When you press 'F' multiple times really fast . The forceshield shrink animation starts playing before the growth animations ended. You can prevent this by only playing the shrink animation once shieldActive==true and the growth animations isn't playing anymore. (see image)

Thanks for you feedback! I hope you had as much creating your game as us! :)


Some of you may have seen me in the Discord channel, but I also want to announce our gamejam project on itchio!

The game is called 'The Sin Of Pride'. You play as the force of evil, which spreads pride across the medieval lands. You will encounter a variety of different characters that will try to stop you, but once infected can help you take over the world. Priests for example, they have the ability to heal sinful villagers, when the priest is infected he will shoot projectiles of pride to innoncent and healthy villagers!

Stay tuned for more news!

What about costumes?