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Hey Glazier, just bought this pack and it looks really great! Good job!  I'm wondering if it's possible for you to add diagonal up and down aim/shooting ? Or if you could give me some advice/tip how I could do it within your style ?


Bought this and the gun pack a few days ago, and I need to say it looks awesome.

It seems you are planning to add a lot more to this pack, that's why I wanted to ask if you could add a jump rolling animation, something like ... well jump with a roll :D

Anyway awesome stuff, keep up :+1

Nice game, congrats :+1

This really nice stuff, thanks for sharing it. There are two different fonts, may I ask which fonts are they ? 

Just bought this character pack, awesome stuff :+1

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Can't wait .. :D 

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good stuff :+1

Hey, I bought this pack the other day,  and I need to say .. it  is simply amazing, really cool art! 

I was just wondering if by any chance you could add some more animations to the characters ? like wall slide or climbing ?  

Cool game, and really nice art! Got to the Preplexing Puzzle room, Ill make it next time. Thanks for sharing

Amazing work <3

I might know the answer already but.. is there any run animation with sword for the hero ? :)

I was just wondering since the player has such detailed animations, that I thought it could had been missed out by mistake... but a character asset pack .. DAMM , that would be awesome. Keep up the good stuff and thanks for sharing it :+1

Simple and amazing!!

 Is there any idle animation for the player ? 

Hi there, I just purchased this Tileset and it looks really cool :D You added pretty neat stuff... I was trying to make something with your free tileset, and ended up also adding some more stuff for the player, coin and water animations and also extended the grassland tileset adding destruct block and grass on the sides. I'm definitely not and artist, but if you want I can share it with you. 

Ill try to show some kind of a playable prototype in the near future :+1

Oww this is really awesome!!  Im curious about the direction you are going... for example why did you remove the sword ? It was quite awesome .. anyway really cool :+1