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Day 2

I spent most of the day breaking our character up into pieces to run some animation tests with Spriter. Part of the reason for doing this Game Jam was to experiment with new ideas and workflows and Spriter is a brand new tool in my arsenal. (thank you Humble Bundle) Still trying to get to grips with animating with bones, but I'm really pleased with how intuitive everything seems to be. Hopefully I will have a somewhat decent walking cycle by the end of today.

Turns out my first attempt at rigging in Spriter was all wrong since I forgot to set pivot points for each individual layer and didn't follow the parent/child structure that is required.


I started again from scratch which wasn't really a PITA as it often is with other programs and now things seems to be working much better


Hola, mundo!

My team is comprised of the following awesome peeps: frankpaschen99 & overlyclose.

I have worked with overlyclose on a game before for our final project in Game Design class. frankpaschen99 is a programmer we met on these forums and we are both really stoked about working with him on this game jam together.

Overlyclose came up with a pretty good idea for a game so we decided not to follow the theme of cats/dogs. More updates to follow in the coming days.


I also purchased the Humble Bundle just to get my hands on PICO-8. :)