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yeah same thing with me, unno why it labels it that.

what the fuck happened in this comment section

I dont think the discord invite on the store page works btw

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If I can, I feel the game feels fine enough but the camera is sorta annoying. When you jump up it sorta puts the character at the top of the screen making it hard to see what's above you, and when you go down it puts you near the bottom of the screen making it harder to see where you're landing. It does the same with moving left and right, if you're going left you're more on the left side of the screen and if you're going right you're more on the right side. It kinda makes it far easier to run into enemies, makes a lot of the screen sort of just show where you've already been, and makes it a little hard to guage where you're going. The art's really pretty though, I really like the art style and the main guy's really really well designed and cute, same for the fairy girl. I dont really understand how to select the prompt for the dialog though, like the controls only feel responsive a third of the time and Im not sure what the clock dial looking thing really does as well as that arrow. I assume the arrow shows you which dialog you're going to pic and the timer is well a timer but the arrow rarely responds to inputs I make it feels like and the timer sorta feels like it's just spinning on its own time and not really doing anything constant as well, plus it covers the arrow which makes the arrow all the more confusing. I actually really like the idea of the dialog tho, the characters have fun banter and I imagine it'll be used for branching scenes and stuff later on and yall I assume are going to add a gallery mode. I also couldnt really figure out what the hearts do and what the point of the climax meter was for given you cant escape once you're got. I assume you'll be able to talk your way out of some scenes and the bar will stay in case someone else gets you in the game later on tho. Also it throws me off that the get up bar doesnt use the movement keys and the enemies kinda dont let you have time to get up I feel. Also just a funny small thing but after a scene you can just slide around in the down position until you fall, get hurt, jump or kinda do anything other than just move around. Apologies if a lot of these questions were already answered or if its kinda obvious or if these things are being fixed in a current version, it honestly is a really pretty game and I really hope it comes along well! (Also apologies for the massive wall of text, Im really bad for that again apologies!)

Yeah has its own sort of app you can download to keep track of your library and stuff, it'll download the games a certain way, you can access the store, update your games, and such using it, sorta like steam. Main difference is its a browser so you can just use it like internet explorer or chrome funny enough but it works well enough for what it's used for. Most games can be downloaded through it but for what ever reason some dont seem to really agree with it and yours is one of them, and usually when that happens it diverts people to their normal default browser to download the game instead meaning people wont find/be alerted on things like updates and dev blogs as likely as they would if it were downloaded through their desktop app. I use Windows 10.

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It seems to still do that on the windows PC version. Also it seems that if you do the route that avoids the crystal angel, you dont have the option to meet her, and because the village takes you to the menu no matter what, you cannot complete that side quest.

as soon as you exit the first room you run into a demon who always gets you and is inescapable.

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Also some bugs I noticed but when I fought the lizard people, this was a thing that happened actually pretty regularly but when Id shoot at them they'd just vanish after a bit of fighting, like not even be there anymore invisible they're just straight up not there anymore physically. I dont know they just were doing a teleportation move to avoid being gunned down with no way to stop it but I had it happen like three or four times while trying to shoot at them and the way they just sorta pop out of existance with no effect or indication comes off like a weird glitch. Another glitch is when I used a grenade on two urchins at the same time. I think the game got so overloaded it straight up gave me a crash report and died. If I HAD to guess I imagine the sheer amount of things going on when they both clow up and release their quills and when the bomb does its stuff might overload the game but thats just my assumption? I dont have the report on hand tho but I could try to recreate it if you want, though Im literally out of grenades and dont know how to get more. If I could make one more suggestion, could you maybe put a blue flame right next to the save point right before the boss you fight after getting the handle wheel, I noticed if you JUST barely make it to that point you actually can technically strand yourself on the island if you use up just enough SP to get there that you dont have enough to leave after hitting the save, unless I missed some crucial detail about that small area.  Also you can get stuck in the fisherman if you back up far enough to jump dash into him without starting a conversation and also the area where those two lizard men are sitting by a fire in the ship wreck area has a spot that can glitch you into a stuck area. When you go the very most top right area and try to jump, which I did since I thought I could jump to the lever for what ever reason to open the cage, I just kinda jumped onto the wall and was stuck.

One other thing, and if Im bothering you I really do apologize, is that I cant bind mouse buttons. I have a mouse with a clickable wheel and two side buttons so it has 5 buttons total and the wheel's up and down input. I was trying to bind my aim and crouch moves to the side buttons so it's easy to sorta do them but the game doesnt really seem to let me bind any buttons to them, not even the standard right and left click. Just a really odd thing given they are bound to attack and use item in the keyboard and mouse controls. Also Ive also been meaning to ask but why was the save point giving SP in the first demo dropped for this one, was it too OP? If Im bothering you by the way lemme know, sorry if IM kinda spamming you. Thanks so much for answering all these questions by the way, its kind of you!

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Yeah, the keyboard and mouse controls feel a lot better when I switched over and fiddled with the key binds too honestly. Im guessing game maker sorta doesnt let you shut off the mouse for the keyboard only controls because of the keyboard and mouse controls existing? One thing I did notice is that you have to reset your controls every time you open a save file too which is a tad on the annoying side, feels like if you have changes in your key binds and stuff the game sorta only remembers in the save file they were done. I do also have to ask just out of curiosity why did you set the arrow keys for the keyboard only movement by default and not WASD. Not complaining Im genuinely just curious. I assume since a lot of RPG maker styled games go for that layout? Sorry if thats rude to ask btw. Also if its ok could I a suggestion about the fade out, maybe the fade to black happens after you lose all your health? I feel you kind of run into a problem with that fade out to make the climax feel smoother part when you take into account that the health determines how long that happens.  When you're at full or near full the fade feels a bit too much on the long side but if you're already about to die its near instant and goes by so quickly before transitioning to the animation that it almost doesnt feel like a fade out, like the climax happens almost as soon as the screen starts to go black. If the fade out happens after taking all your health with a set amount of time it takes to happen, maybe the overworld sprite scene animates quicker when taking health to build up to the fade adn climax too,  you might have a more consistant fade to black transition I think. Thats just my opinion tho, sorry if thats like rude to say or something by the way and I hope Im not like back seat developering if that makes sense. Also do you plan on selling this game when its finished and any plans when it comes to steam dont mind me asking?

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I really like how this game's coming along, the arts stellar honestly like you have really good pixel art, the combat's fun with the comboing and dash and jump stuff going on. I feel the controls for menues on keyboard and mouse are a tad unintuitive, like selecting stuff and how you switch between items on the overworld vs switching weapons. Kinda feels odd that you have to use the mouse for things in your menues too imo (unless Im just being dumb and didnt realize you could do it by keyboard too which in that case sorry about that.) I do kinda feel like the H-scene stuff feels a lil "tacked on". The way it goes to black when it starts happening on the overworld feels kinda like you want to hide it. Like it kinda almost feels like the game is sorta fighting against that H aspect of itself.  The way you cant really stop and watch the actual sex that happens on the overworld, with it instead going to black as it happens instead of waiting for the player to tell the game to move on to the game over climax after losing all their health, kinda gives that impression. Same for the climax game over and how it goes by to quickly to really know whats going on. I feel honestly either dropping the H aspect as a whole or giving the players a bit more to work with when it comes to seeing the H bits might help the game honestly. Kinda feels a bit tacked on otherwise, like the way it just goes by doesnt let the player really engage with the H stuff. I honestly think the game could be better if you either gave the players a bit more control over the H stuff so its actually viewable at their pace, or if you just dropped it and made this a SFW game. You could go either way with it because the base game minus the NSFW stuff is actually really good, there's a solid sorta game here. Apologies if this is sorta rude by the way, and sorry this is so long. Also when I maximize the screen, the game resets when ever I go back to the main menu and leave the main menu to its default resolution for some reason. I imagine something funny's going on with game maker there.

thanks for replying!

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What is this engine dont mind me asking, Ive seen it before but never got a name for it.