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Congratulations Andrea, I am looking forward to trying the new version integration when I get home. By saying Clayxels can now work without GameObjects, are you referring to being able to use this with DOTS? 

Hi again. I tried your suggestion, and unfortunately have had no success. it still has the same behavior. Will the new version be release with the asset store launch?

Hi Andrea, I am coming along in my VR implementation with Clayxels. It will be a racing/ driving game where you get to build your car body after adding some basic parts like a frame and wheels etc.. I am running into an issue when I call ClayContainer.generateMesh() it crashes and the error log is showing the the error in the title. I can use the button in the inspector at runtime  just fine to freeze and unfreeze the mesh, but when I do it from script it will crash. I should note that it has happened before, and I did some testing and tried it in a fresh scene and it was working alright up until today, now it's crashing on every call. I am using the URP pipeline, and have some post processing in the scene. I find it odd that the inspector button works, but not when called from script.

I have included a log file with what I think are the relevant bits here

Oops, I had an error in my code that I wasn't seeing. All good and working now.

I am working on a VR implementation, and am updating the attribute(s) from a slider ui. My problem is the attribute changes do not take effect until I move the clay objects transform. I have gone through the various .cs scripts and cannot seem to find a method to force the attribute update at runtime without it coming from the inspector gui. I hope I'm not missing something obvious.