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Ja valide ! Très utile

One day, I wanted to do some tetris game with C3. It would have been this :)
Great job!

Génial j'ai adoré :)

Un premier projet 3D qui fait ses preuves :)
Un peu plus de maniabilité pour le vaisseau ? de la destruction de décor ? des astéroïdes en mouvement ? En avant pour la V2 :)

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PvP yeaaah, could have been fun. But too much work. Way too much. I already spent too much time on this one :)
You block doing nothing. Except if he's full power, you can't block. That's the trick. For you to try blocking before he reaches his full power :)

Wooow, I cannot beat you, congrats making this awesome score :o

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Thanks a lot!
2. Indeed, there's no sound at all. In a next update maybe.
4. MINE is the actual minerals below your sentry. The blue thingies. It'll decrease as soon as the robots steal some. METAL is what you obtain once you kill a robot. It helps you upgrading your sentry.
6. No, probably a bug at some points. As it's an unfinished game, I didn't make it perfect.
7. yes :D

You pointed out some good points, I'll fix them, thanks again!

Thanks a lot for the review :)

Thanks for the feeback :)
Yeah, this was the very first step, I posted it there so I can think about the next steps.

Super concept, j'adore !

Super stylé ! Simple et efficace !

296!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dur = 3=

Best score 7! *se roule par terre*

Haha. Ouais, je suis fan aussi. J'aurais voulu en faire un jeu bien plus gros :p

Haha, ouais je me suis fait plaisir pour ce petit test de wave. Merci :)

So nice! I just started. Can't wait to see the next levels.