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what do you expect? it the internet

I agree

i love it. i got perfect first try and she said ah

you should do more like these

same thing is happening to me. but when she reappears and is about to get hit by a shurukin, SHE TELEPORTS AWAY pls fix this its an amazing game

why is the reset button the biggest one on the pause menu. shouldn't there be a continue button that's bigger?

"the world needs another plague" thx for that one

was the lynx changed to the bee girl?

Flash isn't dead, it just wont receive updates

how do i move onto the next scene after anal 1?

everything is not showing. no images, no title, nothing. pls fix this

found a glitch where the sword is stuck in the air

i think it would be cool if you added an upgrade system, so you could upgrade attack damage/speed animation speed and coin amount.

hey dev, the game isnt uploaded for web version

i am on the level after the tutorial

hey, i need help on the right wing and tail.

this is pretty neat, but i am stuck on solution 2 and 5. could you lend me a hint or 2?

i just beat it and it was actually pretty hard at first, but i escaped

i was playing on here

hey, sorry if im bothering you but i came back to continue my game, but my saves are deleted

yeah, i am. i cant download it

hey, whenever i get to the tank battle, it goes unresponsive after i kill someone

I am a new player, and i occured a glitch in the vr part. after i sacrificed myself to the tentacles, it went to a black screen

Elf Jail community · Created a new topic help me pls

i wanna play on browser but it says not uploaded

i love this game, its like binding of issac and gungeon combined into this

Im sorry if im posting too much, but could i have some help on crafting a sword

It works now, thx man

i did it

im playing in chrome

on tutorial level 2

i am starting this and i crafted the torch, but when i present it, he says to craft a torch

hey, it wont let me buy items even though i have enough stars

i did it in 3

The plant girl was about to use an xxx move but it just keeps me at a white screen

pls fix

(1 edit)

it wont let me click on the police station even though i passed 20000

edit: i just had to reload the site