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I am in the third area and am a bit stuck, can't figure out what to do to get the final key piece for the door at the end, the only I have left to get is in the room with the 9 dots on the ground and 3 boulders, but doesn't seem to be any hint of what the code is to unlock the gate for the piece. What do I do?

In the dark area with all the eyes (sorry I can't think of a better way to describe it), there is a window with eyes in it that you can jump up to and go through the window into a secret area with a spot where you can plant the sprout, but I haven't anything new after that. Hope that helps, and if you find anything else new let me know.

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Found it now (hint for others: check Johnny's twitter), but didn't seem to do much. Any other new secrets in the demo? (Great demo BTW, real standout from the Haunted PS1 scene)

Had a search round every area I could think of/remember from the first version of the demo but couldn't find anything. 

Is there a use for the second Mr Sprout yet?

Is there anyway to transfer save data from previous versions of the demo to the new one?

Really lovely little game, great difficulty curve as well, doesn't get too hard like most Puzzlescript games. Keeps suprising you with suprisingly deep interactions between the different mechanics. Sweet little message in the narrative too.

I checked on the 25th, still like that.

Is Where's Home? in entry 17 meant to be unlocked, there is a "Launch Stage 2" button but it does nothing.

Thanks for checking, actually did remember it being something different when I got the item, but thought I'd already tried W, must have pressed every button in that area of the keyboard except W.

Yes I definitely do, remember warping between them before. And the instructions for the upgrade are listed in the pause menu

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Like an idiot, played most the game (4/5 skeleton pieces found) and went away for a bit, came back and I can't remember how to teleport to frogs, pressing C like the upgrade instructions say doesn't work.

Do you get a Steam Key for the game if you buy on

Really fun little bite sized game, suprising amount of elements to the "lore". You are a real master of the lo-fi but suprisingly spooky pixel art with this and The Third Shift.

Hey, got this in the Winter selects bundle, am I eligible for Steam keys? Already have Dino Run DX and Potatoman  on Steam so feel free to skip those if it helps.

Yes, have it now, thank you very much.

Hmm, that's strange, I don't appear to have an email from you.

I bought the game during the sale, but have not recieved my Steam key.

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Played through the demo,  found 3 secrets (medkit next to missing poster and note inside cell, three bloodstains and what that unlocks.) any hints on the other 2? (according to the map total). Also found both exits from the demo.

Stumbled upon this by chance, really impressive little puzzler, the non-verbal teaching of the rules is very intuitive. Love games that give that AHA! feeling when you solve a puzzle you've been stuck on.

Cool, thanks for the reply, I enjoy the game otherwise btw, just to give some positivity. Especially like the lo-fi artstyle, reminds a bit of Faith. Glad to hear the coat rack will be improved too, that definitely cost me a lot of health whilst trying to rush through the early parts a number of times.

Lack of checkpoints made me give up after 5+ deaths, there should at least be one after you get to the "other side of the house" maze.