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So, I may be a year too late, but I just added inkfriendly sheets to the package. Maybe still useful for your next game? Thanks for making me do it :)

Hey! Please contact me at and I'll send you the download link. Thanks!

Very cool. Planning on using the fonts on my next epic fantasy heroes in cyberspace project. Keep up the good work!

thanks! :)

Terribly sorry! Arrg. Maybe you could send my a reminder when the companion is done and we can work something out.

oh, yes, you're right. Arrg. Sorry for the confusion. I will try to edit the post and add a disclaimer. Did you buy the main book twice and need a re-fund?

Thanks for the feedback! I will do my very best!

Hey, great to hear from you. We'll see how long it will take to make this thing. After playing Hard West 2 I plan to re-play Hard West 1 and the soundtrack alone is a good inspiration.

Regarding full book: Well, maybe yes but it's really very unlikely. Working (on and off) and 4-5 different projects right now and with day job and family I don't want you to get your hopes up too high.

Actually, it's really hard for me to say if there is interest in the full book, because I don't get much feedback about aFoD. I search from time to time on the blades discord and twitter but there are (from my point of view) little visible plays. The last surveys had 3 participants, so it's really difficult to say.

You may know, that I tend to start with the cover. So, here is a cover of something I started to work on ...

Hi! So, new community copies are available now. thanks for the reminder and I hope you have fun reading/playing the game!

yes, i will. I add community copies for every sold copy. Have to get back to home to check current sales. Will be soon. 

Hey! Thanks for asking and yes, go ahead. Everything for the fun of the game is ok with me.

But... maybe you're not aware that there's a soft cover and hard cover option pod at Depending on your price for printing/glueing this may be even cheaper

Thanks! Not sure if I can get my table to play it but I will let you know!

hi! A GM debrief sheet is mentioned in the book to keep track of PCs answers. I could not find it. Could you help me with that please? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Excellent supplement for FitD or PbtA games. Don't let your campaigns dry out, end them the most satisfying way!

I just added another clock. Maybe you like it, too.

glad you like the roll20 sheets!

To be honest, I’m trying to avoid printer friendly character sheets for some time now and you’re the first to ask for them. Sooo, if you found a solution that work for you I will avoid them a bit longer, mainly because I don’t think I can make them interesting (and not boring) enough. I’m aiming for this first time wow effect when new players open the book or the sheets and simple sheets (when I make them) don’t have this effect. 

I really hope, this is ok for you. If not, I will overcome my doubts and lazyness und make them. 

thanks for the praising   :)

Currently there are no simple sheets. Mmmm. Maybe I could make them though. By when do you need them?

"... not bound by realistic standards" is an awesome sentence!

Hi and thanks a lot! Please check your mail regarding the download code and I hope you have fun with the game.

Hi babylon, I glad you like the game and I hope you have fun with it.

Thank you for pointing that out his/her, he/she etc. You are right that trans could use more emphasis in the book. While there is text indicating that any gender is welcome and that this should be clarified in advance at the table, I failed to explicitly point out fluid gender, trans gender etc.
At the time (the game is much older than the Trans Bundle), I did not have this sufficiently on my radar. I promise to do better for my next game.

Blood, sweat and tear, friend. Blood, sweat and lots of tears :)

sure! Send a proof of purchase via email (in at and I’ll send you a code for itch. 

thanks! That means a lot to me :)

This is so good looking. Awesome!

Changing Divine Favors to Songs is an awesome idea. Very cool!

New sheets are live now!

Hi! Thanks for pointing that out. Sheets are currently at V1.3 of the book (sheets and book has different version numbers because they do not change in sync). Only change in book V1.4 is a renaming of a special abilitiy in the The Law playbook. I will do that asap and let you know.  Same for light blue color: I will change that asap to something with more contrast.

Wow, thanks! Very useful. Every game designer should own this font.

Very cool! yes, a short how to or tutorial would be nice.

Thanks for the feedback. This helps a lot.

Thank you for your perspective on the subject. It helps me a lot, because I can hardly assess the situation objectively myself. Yes, originally it was a True Grit quote that I had adopted as a Special Ability. I had very much hoped to avoid something like that in my first public game, but that was certainly very naive thinking in terms of the Western setting. For me, it's important that no player is outraged by my game. Everything else can be settled together at the table.

if you’re lucky the spährenmeister may have a copy in stock

Seems that this one is coming soon... :)

Very helpful for other designers. Thanks a lot for making them!

Here is a good place to ask questions or over at the Blades in the Dark forum. So, thanks for asking and no the paid Grit was not meant to be permanent but a one-off payment. I hope for a good scene when the PCs is bounded the artifact (or the other way around). Maybe the PCs does not choose the moment for the bounding but the artifact does or the former owner dies in combat and you have this one chance to snatch this Hellstone gun before some else does.  If you don't have enough Grit left or you just don't want to accept a Stigmata you may choose to resist. BTW if you resist or not does mean something storywise, right? Open arms acception or another burden, it may establish a starting ground for this PC/artifact relationsship. Everything is a good story or questions to the players or a cool scene.

Had two wonderful sessions playing The Docto. Great fun, no GREAT FUN!!! Planning to play this again and again and more than worth the price tag.

A Fistful of Darkness (Weird West)

Imaging a world with the magic and mystery of the frontier: wide open plains of the Old Wild West in all its beauty and madness, where violence and sacrifice dominate every single day. Now add the Hellstone rush, under-ground mayhem in mines and brand new sciences & machines. Don’t forget immigration, injustice, vigilante justice, outlaws, gunslingers, slick talkers and setting suns. This all in the face of an impending doom: Demons and the four riders bringing the end of the world as you know it. How do you make it to the top of this powder keg, which side will you take in the impending war and how much will your soul suffer? Let’s play to find out!

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