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I really enjoyed that,Really quite unsettling,Good job!

I updated all my drivers and it now works,So all good.

unfortunately ti crashes for me,1 get 2 seconds of static after the headphone message,Image stops,Sound continues.




I really want to check this out,I really enjoyed Melkhiors,Do you have an ETA?

That's great,Took me strainght back to 1984!!  Most excellent!

Looks great,Can't wait to give it a go!

Very nice!

Is there a restart key?

That's great,Really good fun.

Excellent!  Very frustrating

An excellent game,Most mind bending!

I really enjoyed this.

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Excellent,Can't wait,Pony island is a classic.

A Great fun game,Just one more go...

Rogue Ruins community · Created a new topic Mac Only?


Haha love it!

I was using chrome

I can't jump with controller or keyboard


Excellent game!!

Hi,I am using the Rift CV1,I will have another stab at it over the next few days and give you a concise breakdown of issues if you want?

It's cool that you are looking to do some tweaks as  i think it's a great game.

Servator community · Created a new topic Oculus

It seems to run ok but the controls don't work properly

B Seems to restart the game

Sound only works when in the menu mode(reset view)

Is it possible to force it to use the oculus sdk,The selection button  doesn't see, to work 

Shame as this game looks great,I loved Sentinel

Excellent fun,really well done

This game is most excellent!!

Loved the original and love this even more

Nice game!!

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I can't work it out!

It looks great though.


I worked it out.

I enjoyed it until it crashed when i tried to use the torch on the locking pin.

Nicely done,Very atmospheric.

Yes,The touch controllers.


The slightest touch on the joystick sends you zooming across the room without stopping,You have to use the joystick again to stop,It made me feel really quite strange,So i couldn't continue.

A slower and more controllable run is essential.

Looks good though.

Good game.

Very nice game,really creepy.