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I would love to give this game a try. It is included in the racial bundle which I got a few months ago, but there doesn't seem to be a download button anywhere on this site. Still any chance to get it or is it too late?

Best logic puzzle game I've played so far. Keep up the great work! 5*

MODLANDS community · Created a new topic Some questions

Hi there :)

Is it possible to dig down into the earth and explore caves? Or are there at least randomly generated caves that you can enter directly from the surface? I love exploring caves y'know ;)

Is there something like a try-before-you-buy option or something like that? 10 bucks is a lot of money, well at least for me it is...

Thanks and good luck with the further progress of the development of the game, which really looks very promising and interesting.

I love this game. And I love to play these kind of games on the PC. Do you update this version regularly like you do with the mobile version?