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Monkey Butt Gamer

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Awesome game, don't know if that crash is meant to happen

Thank you for making such an interesting game love it, 

Thank you for the awesome and wholesome game keep it up

Awesome game i wish it was a longer 

Such a fun and cute game, really enjoyed it thank you. 

That look awesome can't wait to play it

I had to re-live this game awesome game, it's a shame it didn't get a bigger sequel but here hope you all enjoy.


And here we go,  i enjoy it so much the first time years ago that i had to play it again

got 12

Awesome game thank you making it 

There you go i've gotten all the bears,

Thank you for such an awesome game, enjoy it great fun.

I know this isn't this game but i am planning on doing the whole lot of them on my channel, starting off with the first one, I have already done Paris and Bologna a few years a ago so i hope your ok with this.

Great game i enjoyed it so much thank you.

Thank you for such an awesome game i really enjoyed it keep up with the great work. 

Thank you and your dad for such a fun and awesome game really enjoyed it. 

Such a cute and awesome game really enjoy it thank you.

Such a great game you have made it kept me until the end, that my friend is a game well made. Amazing job 

Such a cool concept really enjoyed it keep up the amazing work 

Took me awhile but i manage to escape YEA! really love the art work and idea, great work good job. 

Such an awesome game really enjoyed it keep up the amazing work.

Thank you for a challenging but also fun game really enjoyed i, even tho it me 1h53m to record, Lol 

Thank you for such a beautiful game thank you for making it. 

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what have you added more to the game since i last played and recorded it ages ago. Hang on i would know,  if i was following you wouldn't i silly me there we go. Update 3 years later what the fuck was i talking about lol.

Thank you for making such an awesome game really enjoyed it keep up the amazing work. 

When flash player goes down next year in Dec does that mean no browser games will be playable. 

Thank you for an awesome game really enjoyed it, keep up the great work,

Such a fun and cool game keep up the amazing work. 

Oops my bad i may of said game jolt, which you might wanna put it on there as well. But apart from that i loved the game well done so beautiful keep up the amazing work.

no problem :) and thank you. 

omg thank you for such a awesome game reminds me of gang beasts so much fun.

omg thank you for such  a beautiful game i love the concept keep up the amazing work.  

ok that's cool 

I was Browsing in as i do every Monday to upload for Tuesday saw the game look interesting, the rest is history. 

Thank you for the game really enjoyed it.

Great game had so much fun thank you.