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Nice! I'm glad you liked it! 😊

I'm glad you liked it! Did you manage to get the board elements separated? I can upload them in another zip file if you wish.

Hello. Sorry for the delayed answer. There's a svg file you can edit. When you open it, the board elements may be grouped, you can select the drawing, right click it and choose "ungroup". They will be separated individually and then you can export them one by one or in a batch (they will still be individual files).

Que fofura! 🤩

Hello, will the game be released on Steam?

This is awesome! I'm very happy that my pack was useful to your project! \o/  I wish you all the best! ^u^

Thank you for your kind words! I was already thinking about an emotional set, but I thought people wouldn't be interested in that. But now I'm gonna plan those! 8D I just can't give you a date of when they will be done because some emotions need to be drawn from scratch.

I'm glad you were thoughtful of not needing to do pixel art. xD I tried to work with that but it didn't work for me.

Yes, I took care that it would work with dark skin tones, but I tested with all skin colors included in the generator. The world isn't made of only light skin tones, right?

The lack of splotch marks is because I do vector, so it makes a clean work.

I've taken note of your suggestions and I'm start with them asap. 8D

Thank you very much for contacting me. ^u^