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Hello, thank you for your feedback.

All the fixes you suggest are on point, and the good thing is that they're easy to implement :P. I also thought about adding an online ladder, that could be fun.

Thank you again, was a pleasure to read ^_^

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I don't have anything to add to the other reviews except that if I played it with my little cousins, they'd like to be able to read the text at their own pace. 

But apart from that, like the others, wonderful art, snappy controls. Really nice game !

Thank you for your extensive feedback, very valuable !

Yeah we had an audio bug that I just couldn't clear. Stress was on high levels :3

For the movement I would have checked for input every frame but only register a key down if this key was up before. For example if you hit right arrow key, the key goes down, you register input, then you don't register anymore input for that key until it goes up again. This is just how I would have done it, maybe it doesn't work :P

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Beat that :P

Lmao that ending. Clean visuals !

Thank you, means a lot !

Loved the weight mechanic, maybe you could expand on it and make certain areas only attainable while light.  I also thought about enemies you could only crush while above a certain weight. Cool idea and stunning animation !

Nice FF nostalgia with the music :P