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please more content! it is cute and warm and happy and makes me feel like im surrounded by blankets

made me feel bad about all my poor old abandoned virtual pets on my old phone so i went and turned it on and fed them and played with them lol

yeah its a horror game

i exercised no restraint while eating the calzones... i finished all of them


heyy i did a good job! i didnt need to me killed i did such a good job cleaning everything was very squeaky :(


i was really into creepypasta at the time and wanted to play something that would be similar to the experiences that people have in creepypasta, so tjis game was perfect for that. still killed my mental health tho

sui, sh, blood and all that warning

god monika sucked about this. like quit making puns!

That's weird! Where did you put the files for the mod?

spoilers for +!

the club is actually a simulation run by some programmers who wondered what would happen if they made one of the characters self aware! so they gave her god controls and awareness and let her do what she wanted :)

i played when i was 8 lol

you can! it doesnt stop the girls from doing what they do in act 2 but will give you a good end. first, just play through act one. the girl you choose doesn't matter, though i normally go with natsuki. save your game when the "i gently open the door" textbox shows up. new game. repeat until all three routes are done, then play the normal game. then del monika and keep going as normal. woo! good ending!

when i clicked on this i went "wah" very quietly and then got a headache lol

what do you need help with?

open file location is under settings (gear button)>properties>local !  i think at least haha

since the natsuki file is a fake, she'll get restored upon reopening. but the monika bit is weird! i can see that you managed to delete monika though, so that's good.

i don't think you can, but i don't use apple devices so i wouldn't really know.

there isn't a way to play on mobile. sorry!

you have to go to the folder you unzipped the files into, and open the folder. within, there will be the files you need. don't know how to help if youre on mac

I didn't know that you could change the charting by pressing 7, i'll have to try that!

god poem panic is miserable and its only the first song. although i cant blame you im horrible at fnf what did i expect

(1 edit)

Sfw? Just wanna know if i can play it in communal areas or not edit- oh lol just saw the nsfw patch

i was trying to figure out what emoji <3: was for a bit there

how do you bring the pupyp the bone :(



i got a! gonna keep working!

this is such a cute concept!! will update when i actually go and do it haha

you have- you have read my mind 

i wanna get the ddlc sprites im- even the thumbnail is ddlc

that was my first reaction when i saw the video thumbnail askldghf


is this like ddlc? i love the game and the sweet art style, cute name and "psychological horror visual novel" all REEK of doki doki in the best way possible

this was so CUTE!!!

are-are those physics ok?

its a very fun game just. is it supposed to work like that??


what does this reply mean /gen

it looked fun too :/

i cant get past the mega.exe part :(