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Awesome! You got a sale then :)

Nice touch on using Steam merely as a launcher/organizer/downloader. Not many do that. At the moment I can't use it because of the recent support drop for older Windows, but it's good to know.

And if I may fanboy a bit, I'm super happy to see Stefan is still creating after all these years. Big fan from the NWN days ;)

Hi there! Thinking about getting the game from but to be sure: the Steam key is a "bonus" and we still get a DRM-less version from itch, right?

Arrrgh, only the first chapter? I wan' mor'!

Is this still a thing? I went "awww" when I reached the stopping point. Really like the concepts shown so far (mechanimals, familiar-like thing, the mix of witchcraft and modern technology).

That was neat! Very much in the style of Syrup. Adorable characters, cuteness all over, I love it ^_^  It's the kind of game that makes me sad that not all characters are winnable because rare are the ones I'm not curious about :D