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Nope, Maccons route is under reconstructing .3.b so its closed for now.

*questions your reading skills and morals* 9w9

Yup .3.b July update

>w> ~~~~~~ It's working~~~

Because android weird .C.

*updates since there were some bugs* there .3.b should be V11 9w9 if its not there then it's still uploading.

Huh? o3o you were able to go into Maccon's route in the PC? that shouldn't happen, otherwise he be floating around in limbo with everyone else.

Whaaaat? He got the old version, noticed Rask is a lot different?

He's currently being reworked to fit the world and persona .3./

Not open yet, unless you want to see floating heads.

Just subscribe  to the notification here .3./ in Itchio.

9w9 that is the "current" full version, what made you think I was keeping a full game?

There is already? Did you explore every directiin?

Already fixed .3./ Will apply in the next update.

Yup, for different  android versions .3.

I've uploaded another version in the main page .3./ try the one at the bottom.

Got a ton of help with grammar @3@/ (ty discord peeps)

pick any, if one doesn't work, pick the other.

Did you not see the final message?

There is, unfortunately, as I mentioned in the dev logs, I rewrote my sprite system so  the other routes are locked until I fix them.

\ >w</ thanks!

It is a romance visual novel 939 so.... it should be 18+? xDa

Some of the words are meant for copyrights but you're right, wasn't sure if I should censore the swear words. 

Wooh! 939 a persistence bug! Thanks >wO/ *fixed*

sprite errors, too many sprite errors.

(1 edit)

0.08 unfortunately android is weird that it overwrite itself with the new version.

There is but I've locked it out this route, if you play the old version, you'll see Rask in his... 'initial' form xD

AAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Plot reasons. Lol

Yes \ .3./ it's a mixed culture school. But more english /.3./ since... I don't know how to speak japanese and Mexican lol :V

Yup, that's as far as the John's route go.

There is!? show me! oCo

Please read the dev logs .3.

If you want a broken game .3.a sure?

The games not done, not even close... May I ask why you think its a full game?

9w9 *copy paste to google translate*
Thanks >wO/

9w9 really? You dont see it?

Androids a weird .3.a still figuring out how it works.

As of now, I'm currently reworking the sprite system (again). Now that Jayce is involved, all of his sprites in all routes are a mess .3./

So i'm focusing one character at a time.  John's done so another route will open next month \ .3./

*Slaps a 18+ in the desription* Officially, it is now \ .3./ lol~

Eyes, Lips, Eyes, Scratching finger. lol :D

It means the character is still in developement, which he's already is in the next update :3