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Wow. This resonates so deeply.

When I was a kid, living in the country, I saw a dying bird on the ground. Its belly open, its guts out, its beak slowly opening and closing, as if trying to say something. After some seconds, I biked away.

But I couldn't take that image off of my mind. 

It took me half an hour --or one full hour, maybe even more-- to gather courage enough and do just the same thing that you do in this game. Then I buried the remains and the stone together and watered the crime scene.

Once again, I couldn't wipe the image from my mind for a long time. 

This game has summoned back a lot of things, including the painful epiphany that having a conscience sucks and that, sometimes, doing the right thing feels like the bad thing --if bad and good things are actually a thing.

Thanks  :*