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I loved this game! The art style was great, the puzzles were interesting (though I used the solutions page because I couldn't use my printer at the moment). The solutions page was cool as well because it really showed how much thought was put into the puzzles! I had experienced some bugs with the web version of the game, such as the character clipping through doors and Enter bringing up one prompt for a password no matter where the player was, but these were not present on the desktop version of the game, so I didn't worry too much about it. I also just want to let you know a fun fact I figured out while playing: the Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment soundtrack works really well with this game, specifically the tracks "The Magic Mirror" and "Tools of War" work surprisingly well!

The artstyle and music are great! It was a little confusing once the game started but I quickly figured it out, having moving the mouse be the only input simplified things greatly! It was really fun in a way I can't really describe, but I do know that moving the ship felt natural and instinctive to play. What took me a bit to realize was that the fish were being picked up by the hook at the end of the ship, and not the ship itself. Maybe there is a way to communicate that better to the player, because when I figured that out the game became more fun, trying to position the ship in a way so that the hook could swing and get more stuff became very engaging!

I loved the game and found it pretty decently interesting! For a prototype made last minute it was very engaging, particularly trying to figure out how to please the customer by either talking or putting on music, or by changing the AC. If developed even slightly further to give the player more feedback it could be really fun!

I love the Asethetic that the game has, it works really well! The music works amazingly, and the sounds enhance the experience greatly. The game is very clearly designed to play best with two-players, which could be fun, but I couldn't do that so the experience became much more challenging. I couldn't tell if I had a health bar while playing, though the choice to have the planes share a health bar simplified things greatly. The one really big thing that bugged me while playing was that I felt I should be able to shoot the ground turrets, especially since parts of the level design had a lot of them in groups, which made evading their fire incredibly difficult as one person controlling two planes. Other than that, I really enjoyed my experience playing the game!

The artstyle of the game works well, it looks aesthetically pleasing and allows for quick communication of information to the player, which makes gameplay much easier. I really enjoyed figuring out how to fight each enemy, with the pitchfork demons being my favorite to fight. There were some situations where I felt like I should either be doing more damage, particularly against the sword-weilders, or that I should have been able to swing the sword above and below my character, like when fighting the eye-worm enemies. Overall, I can say I really enjoyed playing it!