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Yeah that's fair lmao, I kinda forgot for a moment there how much of a goober most people are

If you have a list, it might be good idea to put it somewhere so people can read it before suggesting something so you don't get the same thing suggested 5 times.

More hair options for humans, mainly masculine ones. 

No worries man  hope things get better for ya

Example of the bug with me only being at week 5


When teaching the princess if you quit out during the dialogue after picking something to teach her and then run the game again the stat increase will stay but it will let you pick another stat increase.

Have you thought about putting the heart effect on the laser helmet?

Almost time to play this bad boy

Bro did not listen to the phone guy 💀

The closet poster will change to her once in a while when it does leave cams

Is there a guide to getting every scene in one go?

A pirating site specifically for erotic games

The what

Yeah true enough

Oh so things are NOT going smoothly..

Out of curiosity, is development going smoothly? There hasn't been much in terms of updates since August.

It's a guy

I'd assume so, with there being a cliff hanger it's obviously geared towards a sequel. Alas we won't know until the Developer actively states the plan going forward. 

Hey by the way is there a way to do a virgin run without saying no to intercourse when it's demanded?


No problem!

Basically a route that is objectively the best and will give the best ending. 

Any plans on making the "Perfect" run?

Yknow I did that as Shepard in ME I'm more than happy to do it now.

I'ma be honest with you chief the only one I've ever watched is 


and from what I've heard it is nothing like the others.

This seems great! I might join it but I'll have to look into SubscribeStar a bit.

I remember there being a choice as to how you feel about killing. Does that ever come into play?

Eyyy, how's it goin'? I haven't checked in on this game since back when you talking to  the tall commander chick was the last thing you could do.

When you go to bed you can "Dream" which is Gallery mode. [I think, I haven't played in a while.]

Thanks for the information!

Is the paid version complete or are they still adding more?

Any plans on increasing transformer cycle duration? Or at least letting us upgrade them?

Was pretty good back then  too

Anything like this but guy protagonist you folks recommend?

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It's something the dev is still working on just not actively, I doubt we see anything about it anytime soon.

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Damn, last I checked up on this game it was no where near 3.0.0

Nice to see an itch game finished.

Yeah I understand the grind, still, I'm glad there will be a bit of variety.