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I really like how some of the microban levels that have existed for years and years become very very different gameplay-wise with just a simple change

Feel free to make some cool levels. I’d love to see what other people make with this.

I honestly wasn’t having that great of a day before I played this but in all honesty playing this game has made me happier even if I haven’t beaten it yet :D

I’ll have to come back to it tomorrow but these are some nice puzzles

this one reminded me a lot of Jelly No Puzzle. Each level was really cool and I especially liked the witch visuals. (They’re so weird looking and kinda cute but kinda ugly!)

Thanks for the compliments! I really appreciate it :D

I’m very happy that you liked it! :D

cute little game. I kinda wish that the game got more in depth but it was cool for what it was.

This was hard at times but it was fun. 6 and 8 especially gave me a ton of trouble so figuring those out felt great. I can’t wait to see anything else you make.

oh this is a bit weird to think about but I like it

I was kinda worried that the furrc naq xvggraf (rot13) would lead to some really messy or fiddly puzzles but from what I’ve played you did a good job managing that. This is a good game.

finally beat this. These are sweet fun puzzles!

gonna have to play some more of this later but so far I’m really liking it

the ending really confused me a bit but I did really like the mechanics and puzzles. They (in my experience at least) had just one solution but also were very free to move in, which I liked a lot. 

This puzzle in particular was my favorite. It was great to figure this one out.

that title threw me for a loop wow

I liked this a good bit. It’s just a short cute game with decent puzzles and I had a fun time with it.

I thought that I was pretty smart with the first level and then JESUS THERE'S MORE. I'm gonna have to come back to finish this at some point.

This is a really neat tool. Thanks for this.

really short and cute game! It’s not very hard, but it was still good fun.

it’s always cool to see people play games I’ve worked on. (I’m hesitant to say I made it because I think Jonah should get most of the credit for this.) 

Also, in case you’re still stuck on the third level, just know that every level is possible.


Crates can be affected by arrows as well

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This might just be my favorite game ever

I played the first three levels. Based on what I played, it was pretty nice gameplay-wise, but the aesthetics (mainly the balloons) often made it hard to tell the difference between visuals and gameplay. 

calabrian boogie advanced

I did it! I only had two people die of dysentery, which is an Oregon Trail staple! I really think that there is a LOT of potential with this game. There's admittedly not a ton of crazy stuff that happened in my run (which is my personal favorite thing to experience when playing games like this), but the fundamentals are there and they are good.

cool prototype. I really think you got something here.

Glad you liked the game! 35 is definitely a tricky one, and 15 is pretty large, so I can see why those were tough.

I didn't make it with the intent of being super easy, but I eventually decided that it was fine considering there are a lot of pretty difficult levels, so maybe a really easy level would be ok.

really nice and fun

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really nice and fun and short and sweet and cool

Thanks for the collab offer but no thanks. Glad you liked the game though.

Yes. You have won. Thanks for playing.

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Thanks for the kind words! Glad to see you liked it.

About the final level, I honestly agree, and maybe it’s to the overall detriment of the game, but oh well. I feel like the start is at least different enough to make it not a carbon copy of level four.

A simple but clever conundrum

This is really cool. I like how it's very readable while also being multiple puzzles in one.

Really cool

cool demake

Really nice game. It’s always interesting to see what is possible with multiblock stuff in various games.

short and very sweet