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[>] This Lingering Hope (TJ's Route)

I love this soundtrack. Been playing this on loop. Just gonna open ECHO sometimes to listen to it. Like everything is so fucked up yet this moment of Chase and TJ is so freaking comforting~

Omg Monch, you're just too adorbs as you're explaning the new updates haha~ >w<

I just finished playing every route last night. Now I'm in love hehe. The way how all the characters interact with Dave, the art is really cute and adorbs, everything about this vn is amazing so far. Hoping for more future update, nyaw~ ^w^

I kinda thought of that too~ x3

*waving my hands* Jun fan here~ =w=

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Okay I swear I-I'm into Jun, but...omigosh this KIGA dude is just sooooo *screaming internally* ASKDJDKSLASNDDLALMANXKDLAMAZD I'M INLOVE!!! Can I have Kiga since Yuuichi already have Shoichi, Kei-kun and Jun? Lmao, just kidding! But damn Kiga's so gorgeous I already have a crush on him reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm loving this VN~ ❤ >///w///<

Kidding aside, I could really relate to Shoichi's update right now. It happened to me a long time ago. Also its most of peoples problem too nowadays. This is so intense. I hope everything would turn out fine. I felt Yuuichi's rage as well. It really gives the feels~ 😐

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REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JUN'S UPDATE IS HERE!!! OMIGOSH!!! My most awaited update~ qwq *faints* ❤

Still waiting for Jun~ omo

Jun is like so precious that I just wanna snuggle him closely and protect that big boyo~ TwT

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Needs more Jun! rEEEEEEEEEEE~! <3

I really love this VN~ *sobs joyfully*