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Hi there and happy new year! :)

You're very welcome! I love posting comments of encouragement to game developers because I really appreciate the wonderful free games you guys make that I can count on to enjoy! I hope it can continue you and your team to work hard and produce quality games for a lot of people to enjoy.

My favorite character is actually the bartender... He seemed so mysterious in the game, and I was dying to know more about him. Later when there was the back story included I totally fell for his character. I hope to maybe hear more on him. I wish he participated more in the game :)

Omg those all sound amazing, and I can't wait to play them! And when I do I will obviously make sure to comment and let you know what I thought! I'm sure they're gonna be great! <3

No need to be sorry! The game was very enjoyable as it was :) That was just a suggestion for next time. Time constraints always come up :(

Anyway, keep up the good work. Can't wait to play what's released next!

I'm so impressed that the whole thing was voiced! Loved it! Short and sweet, but cute :) I saw on your page that you've worked on quite a few horror-looking genre games. That's really neat. I hope in the future you can create more cute-sy otome games like this one. I'd love to play them! >w<

Even though the description says the aim of the game was to "set a minimum quality the team would stick with", I still think you guys did a great job. Although it was short, I was very charmed by characters. I liked the non-humans better and thought they were a lot more developed and likable than Evelyn was. However, it's not to say Evelyn wasn't a well made character. I was just a lot more intrigued by the others. The art was nice, and I appreciate how even for a short visual novel, you incorporated many CGs,choices, and endings. I'm excited to see what else you create! (P.S. Can it be another demon related love story? I'm a pretty big sucker for those...just saying >w<) Keep up the good work! :D

Easily one of the best free otome games out there. I've played this game through many times and still get a lot of enjoyment each time. The mix of a protagonist who can hold her own, 3 hotties, and mini-games is enough to make this game a winner. My bias is Mr. Count, but I'll always have a sweet spot for Mr. Wolf because I jut can't resist how adorable he is. Can't wait to play more from you guys! >w<

This game was great. It is amazing quality for a free game. I don't always like to play through bad ends in some games because I just have a lot of feelings and get really emotional, but I was so compelled to complete this whole game because I was so captivated by it!.....But the bad endings still had me become an emotional puddle. Also-- loved the racial diversity in here. Outstanding job <3

I totally loved this game. Definitely going in my list of faves. It involved so many things I adore -- like cute guys, fantasy plots, and a strong minded protagonist. Did I mention that all the guys are attractive?? >w< Please make more games because I love the art and development! I can't wait to play more!

cute short visual that leaves you in a feel-good mood :)

I also very much appreciated the beauty diversity in this! While I do love the usual hot, anime guy, these characters were drawn with a different art style that made them adorable, lovable, and attractive in their own ways. And everyone here was lovable dork so that's always a relatable plus. Awesome job <3

The art was so good, but I'm still sad at the New York option...... However, you story-telling skills are on point with creating different plots for each route. I'm definitely looking forward to playing more of your games! >w<

It's not just good, it's amazing >w<

Aww 7 to 8 months :'( It's okay though because I'm glad a full version will come out eventually! I will absolutely give it a go when it comes out and go for my dear Lucifine X3

I've played a lot of visual novel games, but I'm new to beta testing -- but if you ever need my help I'd be happy volunteer it! :) Best of luck!!

All the artwork was so cute <3 Super excited for a full version to be released! Favorite character is definitely Lucifine because *damnnn*.

I loved this Demo! It absolutely stole my heart <3 Please give an estimate for it's full release. :) Keep up the great work!

The set up of this game was really interesting! It was something fresh and new, and at first I was really confused -- but towards the end it made a lot more sense. Once everything came together a bit more I was like "ohhhhh!". I'm really looking forward to the Beauty and the War full version! :) Keep up the great work!

Omg how long has it been since I've been so excited waiting for a game's full release! This demo was fantastic, and I can't wait to play the full game. I have high hopes for this game! <3 Keep up the great work! :)

I adored this game!!! <3 Can't wait to play more of your games!!

Hi Ran S! Huge fan of your games -- thanks for putting in all the hard work to make them :) Hallows's eve is for sure one of my faves. I think what would make it even better would be some more CGs, but that's just because I loved the art. :) Can't wait to play more of your games!