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A member registered Jun 30, 2022

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first try i beat the game

plz add more!!

I can't play the game on chrome


please add enclaves back

please add enclaves back

first comment!!

i can't play the game the screen always goes black 

i am stuck at mayor

how do i buy stuff at the shop

just farm those mushrooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!!

i found a case where i cant put my third island

(1 edit)

i found this infinite essence glitch where you click on one of your allies then you chick out then you can dismiss forever and get infinite essence

well just get combos

just stay up in the air and you will get ridiculous combos

why can you turn kids in to laborers that's slavery 

when ever i try to play the game it always says that it'S not responding and its so annoying