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oh, the ironic beauty if we could get it before Christmas eve since you know...the bet hahaha but on a serious note, take your time and it is so worth the wait even if it releases after that, I'm so excited!! <3  

Waaaaaaah looks so interesting i cant wait

I have problems with March 24th in Bernard's route, i cant seem to click on the icons at all and i tried reloading and all but nothing, hope u can help :)

Woah i loved it, it was so intense to type and remember and ughhh it was amazing!! LMAO my brain can cook an egg

yikes then won't play it :( 

XYX best boiiiiii!!! love his route so much but from what I have the bad ending really bad? I don't think I can force myself to do it if it is sad!! someone spoil me!! 

Absolutely loved it!!!! That cliffhanger i need moreee

Enoch must be protected at all cost cuz he is absolutely adorable 😍 ❤️ 

I specially loved that you can choose pronouns  which gives a nice feel for those that play BL (like me) we need more wholesomeness like this.

Can't wait for the kickstarter to back this game that is a jewel 🥰🥰

thank you!!!!

I have absolutely loved this game for a while, i got it in JAST however im breaking my head trying to find the ending song!! It is so good!! So i thought i would ask ☺️☺️☺️

I played the first one before the new update for windows, and for some reason this time i can't trigger the kiss with lux after wearing the helmet, was it removed? :( thanks for such a great game

Finished Leos route first, and I absolutely loved it, cried my eyes out, the romance is just wonderful.

Raen  is just an amazing  MC, his own personality, his own thoughts and though naive and sheltered due to his circumstances he is smart and adaptable to everything that's thrown at him.

now doing Fawn's and then Cyne but Leos will always be my ride or die.

I love all 3 so much, their interactions, the story, drama and everything that makes the world feel alive and realistic even in a fantasy world, couldn't have asked for a better way of spending time 

I recommend this 1000 times 

Thank you for the hard work and love put into this game, it is heard and felt. 


I was starting to play the demo and I loved it! Then I saw release march so I'm gonna wait for the full game ♡♡♡😻

I wonder, is the game completed or there will be more chapters? 

I love it so much and I'm playing it now but i haven't finished it yet

Playing it and looooove it!!!! Everyone is sooo amazing and unpopular opinion here: I love that Lux is top 💯

It is so immersive and I am enjoying it, I just hope there's a transcript at some point cuz it makes it easier for forgetful people like meee hehehe 

I am all up for Kay to be able to vers and all but I really hope if the choices comes to that, that bottoming is available ☺️

I will totally replay this one and will get excited for future updates

waiting to play it on the weekend hopefully! 

What i can review is that the artstyle is goooooorgeous so that is a win! 

Looks so interesting and I'll keep following it to see more chapters! 

I can tell I'll be replaying it 😂👍 kudos!

it shows error :( when we meet wren after step 5

ohhh super! Thanks for answering!

If I backed the Kickstarter is there a difference from backing it here? 

I just noticed that there's a digital key that's the difference?

Thank you!! I guess i have to play the routes multiple times to unlock CGs and achievements since I'm missing a LOT D:

Got it on steam and so far i love it, I'm doing it by order taking into account the last one should be the most important, anyhoo I hate to break their heart but i don't wanna lock romance 

I'm still in sloth but he cried and I was uughhh, if you don't reject them can you still choose someone else? :( 

I need a guide 🥺😭😭😭😭

I really liked this game and the patch for steam worked without issues first try, I was just wondering how to get some CGs I'm missing, are those for bad endings?

I unlocked all the good endings so they can't be for those :( plz help, I need closure 😂🌚

No problem, I'm glad I played the game in one go. 

Looking forward to more projects that will mess up with my heart, and provide different perspectives, loved it!!! 


Already backed on KS ❤️🥺

So my review for this game would be as close as I'm feeling after finishing 8 routes.

Spoiler alert! Like really spoiler!

 At the beginning I was having red flags all over because of the development of their relationship, fast, intense, passionate, but childish and two broken people with issues that needed healing. Very possessive from both sides.

I ended up on the victim route first and I have to say it hit me hard, but there was hope that at some point Isaac could get away from it, Hopes for a happy ending but then again, that wouldn't be realistic given how the relationship started.

It broke my heart basically, then on the abuser side of the routes.

I couldn't bear myself to be like that, which i ended up skipping a lot of it on repetitive paths because it felt wrong, which is amazing because the fact that both scenarios could make me feel different things so opposite to each other was a shock.

Every ending was a constant twist and turn but made it through.

My favorite ending is definitely the special one, the only one where we get to see la vie en rose, get to see the first step that both characters should take to have a healthy relationship in the maybe, in the future, mature and ready to support each other, not caging each other.

If I could describe this game would be "art" 

Because it makes you feel, wonder about situations and relationships in general.

I wouldn't say I wanna play it again because it is a one time feeling to actually savour what was intended to show.

It leaves me with a bittersweet feeling and I couldn't ask for more, amazing writing and execution.

Thank you for providing a sensory overload! 

yeah I totally get how time can make something good into something great! And health is priority.

I'll totally play it once it gets released no matter when it is. Demos are just scary cuz they live rent free in my head lol, I'm just glad I'm stumbling across so many great games lately.

I will back a few projects on Kickstarter during the month, hopefully I can make it for the inn between! (I need those guys!!!)

Best of luck with everything and hopefully everything goes smoothly for the team!

I'm looking forward to it 😍🔥 

So I just finished the demo ...

What can I say?

I survived it without issues probably because of experience with royal alchemist lol

It was breathtaking!!! Beautiful, story rich, interesting, engaging and had my hottie Emrys, what else can I ask?

MC's personality is really nice and likeable, it was nostalgic to see/hear about old favorites and get to see another side of them.

The stat system is easier in normal mode and super interesting in my opinion.

I can't wait for the whole game and hopefully a guide too to get the best romance lol (coff coff) 

I am sincerely baffled and by just the demo, put the game in my top 10 

Kudos and looking forward to more of Royal Order! See you on the Kickstarter.

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Ok so I love this game so much! so well thought and the DLC is amazing!

That cliffhanger...made me scream at the end!

I love all characters so far but my favorite by far is baby Damon followed by Vexx.

I just wished I found it when it was finished (Sighs) but nonetheless a super interesting game and so original in terms of artwork and story.


I guess I'll play it on a loop now hahaha

Awwww I'm debating myself if to play the demo or wait for full release :( looks so good and the comments are very positive, damn me stumbling across amazing games that can not play. 

As soon as it gets released please kindly take my money hahahaha 

the  release date on steam sounds so far :( 

I don't have the heart to play Serin's bad ending yet, I am too happy with the fluff and lovey dovey stuff but maybe when I dare to play it I'll definitely check it out!! ಥ‿ಥ

Thanks for the reply! 

So got the game on steam but I'll also post a review here...

Completely and utterly amazing!!

I have a good 50 hours invested already and it is truly a delight to play.

I wasn't sure at the beginning because i don't play stats games but oh boy am I happy? YES! It isn't difficult to raise stats and at the end i find myself just doing missions.

Aurelius route is my OTP followed by Nazir and cutie Serin, haven't seen all the endings yet.

Did I bawled my eyes out with Nazir's route at 4am? Yes, yes I did aha...

The guide is super useful and when I bought it I took the time to read the character profiles and it is so fun and cute.

Kudos for this master piece, but a question since I haven't finished and I love spoilers


Does Alexis in any of the endings choose to remove the petals? 

The guide is spoiler free so I dunno.

Thanks Ó╭╮Ò