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We played with my friend, had some fun ^-^

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So much fun! Drinking beer while serving beer, I guess I wouldn't be good bartender xD xD

We've played this with my friend and we loved it ^-^ It is so much fun! ^-^

Here is the video x)

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Hello, I like this "game" so I've made a short let's play video, you can find it here if you'd like to check it out =)

Hello, I played the game, I recorded it, I got stuck with the demons, I have no idea what to do there =. But I liked the beginning a lot x) Here is my video: =)

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Cool game! Too bad nothing happens when you try to lose =( But who would want to lose when they can make such a hilarious stories? xD

Here's my let's play if you want to check it out x)

Love the art style! Very nice! I just have to find out, what's happening to this girl! Here is my let's play. x)

Hi, I've just started to play your game and I love it so far! The atmosphere is just great! I am so curious what's going to happen next! x)

I've started a let's play series, you can find it here x)