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I did! Very much! ❤️

I WON! Nice game ♥

Great game :) It worked for me perfectly, the story is interesting, I wish I saw more to it ♥ Love the music :) Sometimes it was a bit confusing - like with the taxi and all the cars in the street, but overall - I've had a lot of fun ♥

Love this! Very nice story telling, simple yet interesting story :) Just, perfect ♥

Such a great game! I've had fun! Just don't know if you can finish the game other way then just fail..?

Wow, that was... unexpected :o Great work, man!

This game surprised me, how big and beautiful it is :o Really enjoyed playing ♥


Btw, loved it :D ♥

Hey there, played the game on my channel, enjoyed it very much! ♥ Love the music =)

Nice game, here is my videos with me trying to play :) I found one ending, assuming there is more (which is great btw =) )

Played it, recorded, nailed it :D Good job!

It was fun ♥

Great job! 

Great job! =)

Awesome! Wish there was more levels, I could see a whole big game  coming out from this ♥

So, I went to space... :D And to the cave :D

Great game :) 

Great work, it was fun ♥

Great work!

Here you go :) I think it is pretty good actually :)

Nice game!

Great game! Love the ending!

AMAZING <3 <3 <3 

Great game!

Great game!

Nice work! 

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Really cool =)

Nice game! Love the artstyke and the picture in the end :)

Very nice game! 

Very cool!

When I was playing it seemed a bit long, so I was making theories how to deal with it - maybe something like a "time watch" which could speed up the time after you get rid of everything, that would be nice. 

But I lovet this game very very VERY much! ♥

This is nice game, very satisfying to kill all the slimes :D

This is great =) Hope these two will get together one day ♥ :D

Well, I got the treasure of 18, because I didn't realize what the money is for, so I just threw it overboard every time something interesting came :D So, who can beat me? :D

When my mum (who doesn't play videogames) saw me editng this video, she wanted to try to play this. And she didn't leave until she finnished the game. I think that's the best feedback saying - THIS IS REALLY GREAT! :)

Nice job!

This is so much fun! ♥ Great job!

Hi there!

Nice game! I didn't get to the end because I kept exploring :D But I love the artstyle, especialy the robot ♥ Good work!

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Hi there,

I've made a let's play video, you can see the feedback first hand :) Overall I really liked the game ♥ It was fun :) Nice job!

Such a nice, calm day to play after a crazy day =)

Nice job =)